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Don’t ignore culture. It is easy for many people to believe in the fallacy that with the world quickly becoming closely connected through the many advances in technology a “one-world community” is on the rise, which will soon overtake individual and regional cultures. However, even if this were to happen, there will always be distinctive differences from place to place. For example, many Americans associate the holiday of Christmas with cold and snow, however if one travels to Australia, you will find many people having Christmas barbeques or trips to the beach. While these differences are mostly due to regional differences (in Australia, it is Summer in December, these differences do penetrate a local culture. Other cultural differences will likely remain regardless of how connected the world may become such as those which can be affiliated with differences in religion. Holidays celebrated by Muslims such as Ramadan differ from those observed by Christians around the same time. Values connected to beliefs also vary from religion to religion as well, and often these can even be the cause of numerous skirmishes and wars. Conflicts due to cultural differences have always played a significant part in the ways of the world since before history was recorded and will likely be an issue that needs to be addressed until the end of humanity. Differing cultures will always matter, and differences will always present themselves all over the world no matter how connected the world becomes through advances in technology.

Culture Counts


The biggest problem facing college students today is simply affordability. Not only is the expense of tuition prohibitively high for many individuals, but also the cost of required textbooks and supplies create further barriers for prospective and current students. Aside from the significant expenses of being in school, a student may find their earning potential significantly handicapped due to limited availability for employment due to their class schedules and study requirements. Fortunately, there are some solutions for schools and students to help alleviate some of the difficulties of college affordability. Traditionally, many students have pursued numerous scholarships to help with paying for many of the expenses of going to school. this is still something that students should look into by any student who needs help paying for school. However, some campuses are taking further steps to help alleviate the burden of affordability for some college students. In addition to providing scholarships, many schools are beginning to provide more and more classes that utilize “open-source” textbooks, which are available for free to students. Many programs on campuses also provide lending libraries for students so that they might be able to avoid spending large amounts of money on books that they will only need to use for a short time. By helping students to eliminate the cost of many of their textbooks, colleges can assist students in saving hundreds of dollars each term. This helps colleges in significantly relieving much of the immediate financial burden of their students currently attending college.

What’s the biggest challenge facing college students today and how can it be addressed?