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It’s been HOT!!!


It’s been hot… obscenely so… The heatwave that has been going on up here is absolutely insane with numerous record temeratures in the triple digits. It’s just crazy to think that only a few months ago people were freezing to death in a record setting snow storm… (I was snowed-in for quite a while personally) and now you are hearing about deaths related to the heat…

I even questioned if I was heat casing in my Math class today… Who’d have thunk??? Worst part is that I had a Math test today as well… I hope I did well.. I didn’t study as much as I had originally intended to… you know?

So my photography seems to be getting more and more recognition in the local music industry… well the rockabilly side… which is GREAT! Marshall Scott Warner wants me to come out to his show at the Tractor Tavern tomorrow and get some shots… I told him that I have a date (more on that guy later), and he was tryiong to convince me to just move my date to the show… I told him it is up to my date (which it is) and he’s even offered to guest-list me and my date… which is nice… I find it nice that people want my services so much they are willing to get me into shows… Maybe it’ll lead to some profits enough to buy some cameras…

So anyways, about my date… I met this guy (Allen) at the Reverend Horton Heat show that I went to on the 11th of July. He was just the random guy behind my in the crowd… so we flirted during the show and he gave me his number… so we’ve had quite the crazy last few weeks. I’m pretty sure he is good for me. He’s insistent on taking things nice and slow which is good for me… I have a really bad habit of going too far too fast. On top of it he is gorgeous! I really like him and he says the same of me… It’s great!

So our tastes are similar and we are both in school which has to stay my primary concern in life as I really want to be able to get into PLU… It’s really important to me… I just hope I will be able to afford it in the end you know?