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I am so fed up with everyone thinking that they know what is good for me… Now Jeremy is stepping in and telling me I have bad taste in those that I associate with… Since I met those that I now call my family, I have not been left in need for anything… And yet somehow they are bad for me?

And then we have the circus that I am legally bound to… I love them as I am required… But I cannot deal with them much longer… Yes they do what they can for me but it seems that it is only when they may benefit from it somehow….

It is affecting my relationship (or lack there of which I should make a point of mentioning here) with John… Yes we aren’t anything official… But there are emotions and experiences that come into play…

I love John. That is that… A large part of why I left was that I thought he was going to marry the girl he was with and I couldn’t bear the idea of watching it and I honestly just want him happy….

I swear that I am a hair shy of cutting it off from them for a while… But he told me I shouldn’t and I thing I should at least try to survive the holidays..