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This Tragedy [Guitar Chords incl.]

I'm Evil
I'm a theif
I took all you gave me 
      C                D
and threw it in the street

Turned my back
A          G             Em
saying you never gave me enough.

D       A       G        Em
It took tragedy and some tears
D  A        G       C       A
to bring me back to my true light
D  G     D   G   D  C
to bring me back to you. 

I'm saved
but still a failure 
G                         C
as I still turn away from you
 D  A        G       A  D  A
You still forgive me as always
 D   A    D    A  G            Em   C
You still pick me up whenever I'm down
 D  A      D   G     C
You still give me everything.

D         A            G
I'm sorry it takes a tragedy
D   A          G     Em  A
To turn this tragedy around...

I do not remember the tune anymore, or the speed. in fact I forgot I ever wrote this one. But looking back I remember sitting in my room trying to perfect it… not for anyone to ever hear but God. (Note made in April 2010)