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Your Creation


I remember seeing the lights glimmer
through the trees
thousands of shades of green
and the light it’s own blessing
this is your creation.

I remember standing on a mountain top
standing on top of the world
looking across a glory I can barely imagine
this is your creation.

I remember swimming with the fish
watching the sea turtles dance
the beauty of a different world
this is your creation.

I remember encountering a world
completely apart from my own
I will never forget
the glory of that world I saw
it is your creation.


Always There


Sometimes I wonder
Sometimes I know
all the gifts he has given me
all the gifts he’s shown
all the times I’ve stopped to cry
and all the times when I’m rushing
my loving father is there
standing beside me always
always and forever there.



For a while I wondered why I came…
I wondered what my purpose really was…
and now I know…
although it hurts me so…
I am there for them…
the ones longing for a night of freedom
freedom from the shekels of what binds them…
Lord I am there so that those kids can stop hurting if only for a moment.
I’m there to put a face to the name,
I am there to make an Impact.

I wrote this about being a Youth leader at a large scale outreach to middle schoolers called “Impact.”
Thus the title of this poem. That time helped me to grow out of my sheltered world and see that I really was not alone.

Changing me for you.


There is no greater truth,
than that of your word,
No greater love
than the love that is yours lord.

You have given me the strength,
You have given me the power,
You have given me the love,
You have given me my all,
So I may give it all back to you.

You changed the way I see,
You changed the way I feel,
You changed the way I perceive,
You changed the way I believe,
So I may change how I am for you.

You’ve shown me how to live,
You’ve shown me how to love,
You’ve shown me how they are,
You’ve shown me how to be,
So I can show others you.

Make me yours.


Beating through a dark path
attempting to reach th light
I want to see the future unfold
in a glorious song of worship
a loud song of praise
I want to see lives change for the better
and turn towards your way
I want battles overcome so I can
follow you all of my days…

Words will never express
what I see now
Will I ever see the sign?
Did you take this heart of mine?
Did I ask for your way every day?
Oh father please change me
Make me yours.