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Apparently the Few and The Proud are over-staffed..


So I had a date with Allen again last night. I drove there straight after work and we were both kind of burnt out when I finally go there… We had planned on dinner and a movie… but by the time we finished dinner (yummy Thai food!) We decided to just get some frozen yogurt and go back to his place to watch DVDs and hit the rack… So we did just that. I ordered too much frozen yogurt… I was hoping it would taste as strong and tart as Pinkberry or Yogurtland; but Alas TCBY has yet to figure that one out…

We went back home and tried to watch young Frankenstein (possibly my favorite movie…) Allen hasn’t seen it… I was dumbstruck! So we tried to watch it but he fell asleep about halfway through and I wasn’t far behind… I love snuggling with him at night… the only thing better is when I got Moses there also… (He wakes me up from my nightmares)

So we had to wake up early as Allen was road-tripping with his roommate back to Spokane to visit the family and such… so I hit the road back for home… I decided to stop into the Marine Corps Recruiters and asked them about my reenlistment eligibility… I am seriously considering DEP-ing in again… they told me that they are having trouble with even getting single waivers through let alone someone like me who is going to require a good number of waivers… I want my Eagle, Globe and Anchor… I need it. My life keeps fizzling out down here and I need to do something about it…

So they said that the Marine corps is essentially over-staffed… which is BULLSHIT!!! I am so ticked off right now I can hardly contain myself… I want to have a good life and while I know school is the right thing for me I also know that I could be very well served by the Corps… they did tell me to check in in Oct, as it is a new fiscal year… so I will have to do that… Hopefully I will be able to get DEP-ed in… either way I think I will start training for it… You know? I need to start working out more anyways…

So I found my little training book for prepping for Boot camp.. I think I will use it… It’s a really good system and helps cover a lot of good stuff… which reminds me I also need to sign up for the Gym at my school… and I also need to check on my Financial Aid… it’s now a month late… This is out of hand… I am really getting tired of worrying about money.

Well, talk at y’all later!


It’s been HOT!!!


It’s been hot… obscenely so… The heatwave that has been going on up here is absolutely insane with numerous record temeratures in the triple digits. It’s just crazy to think that only a few months ago people were freezing to death in a record setting snow storm… (I was snowed-in for quite a while personally) and now you are hearing about deaths related to the heat…

I even questioned if I was heat casing in my Math class today… Who’d have thunk??? Worst part is that I had a Math test today as well… I hope I did well.. I didn’t study as much as I had originally intended to… you know?

So my photography seems to be getting more and more recognition in the local music industry… well the rockabilly side… which is GREAT! Marshall Scott Warner wants me to come out to his show at the Tractor Tavern tomorrow and get some shots… I told him that I have a date (more on that guy later), and he was tryiong to convince me to just move my date to the show… I told him it is up to my date (which it is) and he’s even offered to guest-list me and my date… which is nice… I find it nice that people want my services so much they are willing to get me into shows… Maybe it’ll lead to some profits enough to buy some cameras…

So anyways, about my date… I met this guy (Allen) at the Reverend Horton Heat show that I went to on the 11th of July. He was just the random guy behind my in the crowd… so we flirted during the show and he gave me his number… so we’ve had quite the crazy last few weeks. I’m pretty sure he is good for me. He’s insistent on taking things nice and slow which is good for me… I have a really bad habit of going too far too fast. On top of it he is gorgeous! I really like him and he says the same of me… It’s great!

So our tastes are similar and we are both in school which has to stay my primary concern in life as I really want to be able to get into PLU… It’s really important to me… I just hope I will be able to afford it in the end you know?

Innocent like highschool…


So yeah… I think I have my first crush since I left Noah… and not the rebound kind… it’s kind of funny because I don’t really know the guy very well… but when we talked he was totally cool… and a mutual friend said that he was definitely a good kid… I hope so… but I don’t even know if he is really that interested… he seemed to be… but he’s also a busy guy I suppose.. *sigh* I dunno for sure exactly what’s going on…

It’s kinda like high school again in that innocent the guy down the hall from me is cute sorta sense… so innocent a crush… and yet I have no idea what he thinks of me or anything…. I hope he asks me out!

As for my goddamn tooth… I wanna kill it!!!! ‘Cept it’s already dead… grrrg!!! Trying to hold off on taking the Vicodin… but I think I just might have to soon… otherwise I doubt I’ll get much sleep…

Demographics and why I can’t get a date… (Sad but true…)


So I looked up some of the population statistics for Tacoma (at http://tacoma.areaconnect.com/statistics.htm) and did a little math….

So the population for Tacoma is 193,556

Given that I would Ideally like to date a local male We’ll use that demographic…. 48.78% of the population of Tacoma is male — so there are 94419 males in Tacoma.

No that’s not too bad a number really — except I am not into pedophilia and really I would like to date someone somewhat close to my age neh? so let’s do some age demographics….

7.34% of Tacoma’s full population is 20 to 24 age range… that means that 14212 of Tacoma’s population is 20 to 24 years old.

15.44%of Tacoma’s full population is 25 to 34 years old…. so that means Tacoma has 29891 people aged 25 to 34 years old.

Since I am okay with dating both these age groups let’s add up these numbers together and call it KD’s Dateable age range…. So, using the above figures, Tacoma has 44103 people in KD’s Dateable age range. That is still a healthy number but let’s start getting down to business….

But I don’t want to date anyone that is already married (go figure), or live with their parents, and I also am not too fond of the idea of dating someone who’s got kids… (although given the right guy I’ll probably make an exception) so let’s take them married and parental folks out of the equation right now… The percentage of Non-family households in Tacoma is 39.69% which would mean that 26599 people in Tacoma are members of non-family households in my dateable age range.

I’m also not to keen on the idea of hooking up with someone that is institutionalized… (i/e crazy, in long term rehab, or jail, etc.) so let’s just get rid of those people… 1.57% of Tacoma’s population is institutionalized… so subtracting that 1.57% leaves 26181 people.

Because I am seeking a heterosexual relationship at this time in this statistical effort I should probably sort out the number of homosexuals here… the percentage I am working with is from another website found at https://www.law.ucla.edu/williamsinstitute/publications/SameSexCouplesandGLBpopACS.pdf.

So according to this website approximately 6.5% of Tacoma’s population is homosexual…. that leaves 24479 straight people between the ages of 20 and 34….

Now let’s find out approximately how many of those 24479 straight, unmarried, people between the ages of 20 and 34 who don’t live with their parents are actually male.

Going off the earlier male/female percentage ratios, 11941 of the above people are Male and 12538 of the above people are female.

Now that is still a decent number, however there is still an important albeit not so pretty defining factor. I’m generally only attracted to White guys yes there has been an exception here and there, but given that we are talking statistics we will just for the sake of argument say I only date white guys… The percentage of white people in Tacoma is 69.08%

69.08% of 11941 men in my dateable age range in Tacoma is approximately 8249.

so realistically there are 8249 men in Tacoma that are statistically dateable… not including people in relationships etc. and yet I still can’t get a decent date… How depressing….



I’ve been stuffy since Friday… and all I want is a damn break from the phlegm clogging me up!!!! I’m gonna try the shower trick…

so I moved up that blind date to last night. The guy (Doug) was really cool… Dinner was awkward… but when we went to Guitar Center right afterward, I think we finally started to break the Ice there… he’s a really sweet guy and we ended up staying up late and talking until 3am! lol not to mention that I had an hour drive to follow… had to work at 8am… sooo I am bushed!

oh yeah we rented Hoodwinked… it’s a real cute movie!

If you know what he looks like is it still a blind date?


So I have a Date on Friday… This guy seems to be a really compatible match… but we haven’t met in person yet… so who knows… Seen some pics on his MySpace though… and heard some of his music (Yes, you heard me right his music…) so needless to say I am very excited… strangely more so than I was with Neim… Could he have just been a confuzzled mix of a delayed rebound from my whole Mikol experience? I do admit I had managed to quite effectively wipe my emotional slate clean of that man while I was with Neim… (although I am sure no one will believe me… after all I did fall in love with Mikol in the first place… even when he wasn’t always the nicest guy…) but seriously.. I am stoked! and he even collects guitars! Yippee! hehe LOL

(on a sidenote I’ve really been watching “Beavis & Butthead – The Mike Judge Collection, Vol. 2 ” – but it wasn’t an option in the thingie…*shrugs* Vol. 1 is close enough…)