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The biggest problem facing college students today is simply affordability. Not only is the expense of tuition prohibitively high for many individuals, but also the cost of required textbooks and supplies create further barriers for prospective and current students. Aside from the significant expenses of being in school, a student may find their earning potential significantly handicapped due to limited availability for employment due to their class schedules and study requirements. Fortunately, there are some solutions for schools and students to help alleviate some of the difficulties of college affordability. Traditionally, many students have pursued numerous scholarships to help with paying for many of the expenses of going to school. this is still something that students should look into by any student who needs help paying for school. However, some campuses are taking further steps to help alleviate the burden of affordability for some college students. In addition to providing scholarships, many schools are beginning to provide more and more classes that utilize “open-source” textbooks, which are available for free to students. Many programs on campuses also provide lending libraries for students so that they might be able to avoid spending large amounts of money on books that they will only need to use for a short time. By helping students to eliminate the cost of many of their textbooks, colleges can assist students in saving hundreds of dollars each term. This helps colleges in significantly relieving much of the immediate financial burden of their students currently attending college.

What’s the biggest challenge facing college students today and how can it be addressed?




I cried so many times before you rany away.
Ran into the abyss unknown,
whilst leaving your children behind.

You ignored my tears, even in the last minute,
causing me to ask if we could have ever understood who you were.

I heard the sound of your death, but my mind denied it and shook it off.

Through a reflection in the glass and trapped in a cage he told me you were gone.

I guess I should understand that you needed your gentle peace to come.

The anger I now harbor,
And the hurt I now bear,
ache within me.

I see you everywhere and wonder if your peace has really come.
I fear the peace,
but not in death, in life.

I feel it coming to me; but at what cost?
And can you ever really be there?

I feel you around me;

and I do not understand it.
Are you even really there?
even if you are;

How can I know you won’t leave me again?

Only love can break you.


They say that only love can break your heart,
only love can break you
then why do I feel this ache
did I really fall in love again?
Why did I let my heart come out…
Just so it could be ripped up again
and disappear so quickly.
I half wonder if I ever really had one.
If I have a heart it’s broken now
I let love shatter it again
because they say only love can break your heart.
I’m trying to not fall apart…
The pain inside it deepens
who can know what I am saying
I hope I wasn’t a waste of your time.
All I can do now is wipe away my tears…

Standing on the Other Side


Standing on the other side is sometimes the harder thing to do,
feeling everything you’ve put other people through,
then seeing the same pain you’ve once felt in the eyes of the one you love,
you wonder why it always seems to be this way,
half hoping for it all to go one way,
yet wondering if that would even be best.

Sometimes it’s harder being on the other side
knowing where you’ve been,
halfway seeing where they’re going,
and all you can do is hope,
hope that soon it won’t be sides
and wonder why it always ends up this way.

Feeling the same pain you once went through on the other side,
knowing all you can do is hope and be there for the one you love,
wishing there was a way to end the confusion,
hoping the confusion will just go away,
but fearing it all the same, while feeling all the pain,
then you wonder if you even want it gone.

Sometimes it’s harder being on the other side,
knowing where you’ve been,
halfway seeing where they’re going,
and all you can do is hope,
hope that soon it won’t be sides,
and wonder why it always ends up this way.

Sometimes it’s harder being on the other side in life,
and you wonder,
you wonder,
wonder why it always ends up this way.

Breaking the heart in a box


How am I supposed to tell you that you’re breaking me?
What can I do to help you choose?
Whilst you ponder of your heart’s content,
I sit here dying from within…
I’ve already given you my heart,
I hoped you’d wear it as proudly you do her name over your own heart…
but instead I watch you keep it in a box and hidden away.
I kiss you gently and feel nothing there,
then look into your painful stare,
as the tears brimmed within my own eyes,
I watched the tears fall down your own cheek…
I know you’re hurting, but I am too,
My dearest love, this is killing me…

Falling Angels


Around her the angels tend to fall down
She lives in a hurt she can’t seem to bear
A vale of tears falls around her
there’s puddles everywhere
she stares straight ahead
afraid of falling down again
she hides all her cares.

She knows she is different
not quite like anyone around.
remembering things that seem unclear,
she questions all that she is taught.

Breathing keeps getting harder
drowning in the pain within
no one knows why she is hiding
or when she’ll finally break down.

Even memories are unreal to her
as the angels keep falling down
she thinks she’s not worthy of pleasure
knows no other feeling but pain.

Her heart grows heavier
with every new tear stain
the angels keep falling down
leaving her alone and behind.

Wishing for freedom she holds on
but also hoping for an end.

Who are you…


Who are you to betray me?
Who are you to throw me aside?
Who are you anymore?
You think I am stupid,
I think you’ll never understand,
You see me as a child lacking life experiences,
I wish I could see the same as you do.
It’d do a lot easier without the pain I’ve felt.
I’d rather have been without a number of my experiences you imagine I’ve not yet had.