Monthly Archives: September 2010

Just an update…


So I just got a new phone, hopefully this means that I will be posting a bit more often than I have been. It’s funny how out of touch not having a phone makes you. I didn’t even realize that I have really been that out of touch.

Currently, I am out of work, but it seems that a few opportunities are opening up for me, so one is bound to pan out. Moses has also been really sick. He has a condition with his esophagus where it doesn’t push the food all the way down to his stomach. Basically muscles right above the opening to his stomach are dead. It’s a pain but its something we can work with, we just have to hold him up vertical after every meal.

Other than that not much else is going on…caught up witha friend or two and ive just been living my life. Hopefully I will have more to report later. Have nice day!