Getting down again…


So I’m getting down on myself again… the source this time??? the chord and jack on my laptop are broken and/or dying thus making it more difficult to charge my laptop battery and consequently keep power. So what’s the big deal right? get it fixed!

I’d like to think that, but honestly I can’t justify spending half the money of what an equivalent laptop of this one will cost versus just saving to buy a new one. Sounds simple enough, until I remind myself that I have no income at this point. Sure I do have my store (which sells all kinds of healthy and household goods most of them organic and eco- friendly… )  but in truth it just went live and I still have no customers (so if you want to help me though my current difficult time, be sure to buy something!) and thus no income!

So why not put it on credit? Because I have enough debt with my extensive medical bills and the last thing I need is to add more debt to my problem… so I guess I am stuck praying to god that Lappy#2 lives just a bit longer…. (Lappy#1 died just before I left for boot camp in Nov. 2007 – I bought Lappy #2 just after I got out of boot in April of 2008 – Thus Lappy#2 is due for retirement)

So I am a bit stressed again… Job hunting isn’t going as easy as it did last time… but it’s better than trying to handle everything while working 12 hour days 6 days a week… so pray for me and wish me luck… I need it right now…

About KD Williams

Kára Agnarsdóttir (aka Kirstina D. Williams) hails from Seattle, WA. She is very passionate about a number of topics including archaeology, costuming, spinning, nålbinding, knitting, crochet, travel, history, and photography. She has been a member of the Glamfolk since 2002 and is currently in school working towards bachelor's degrees in both Scandinavian Studies and Anthropology.

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