I really need to learn to update this thing semi-regularly….


So 2010 has already proven to be a somewhat exciting year for me… kind of… but not neccesarily in a good sort of way… So I will start from the beginning…

New Years Eve went over pretty well; my friend Nick came home from Iraq a few days before and had the great taste of turning 21 on Dec 31… So we went to the Grand opening of the new Hell’s Kitchen Down in Downtown Tacoma and saw a number of my friend’s bands including the Atomic Outlaws and The Jet City Fix.
The new venue for Hells Kitchen is alright I guess; but honestly I have so many good memories at the old place; It’s sad it moved… and the acoustics in the new building give me a bit of a headache… (Giant “L” shaped room) although It is nice that there are two bars now… although there really isn’t any space for the lines to go. The show however was pretty good with the exception of a few of the groupies for the Fix… they were a bit pushy to the point that the heel on my new boots broke and I got a few healthy bruises too.. Oh well; those wounds have healed (excepting my boots; I still have to find some place i can get them repaired…).
Unfortunately, after New Years, I got REALLY REALLY sick… Sick to the point that I was bedridden for 2 weeks and in and out of the doctor’s office every 2-3 days. They still haven’t fully figured out what it was; but it’s healing up okay now. There was a strong suspicion of an ulcer due to the fact that I had some internal bleeding in my stomach. However, when I went to the specialist I was already feeling mostly better (finally!) and she said that there was a good chance that is was gastritis… which just means that I have to be good to myself and let it heal…
As for my trying to reenlist in the military; I talked to the recruiters and they said that the MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) doctor said we were missing some papers in my med-read file – namely my separation paperwork and my recent ophthalmological (eye) exam. This doctor is the same slimy doctor that I had to deal with the last time that I enlisted and he tried pulling some really shady shit then too; so keeping my patience is trying… Fortunately my recruiters are pretty cool and they’re resending the same papers again so that he can get the stick out of his ass… So hopefully we will hear something soon about that…
On the heart front I still love Spyder mercilessly…. I wish I could afford to fly down and visit him for just a few days even, or have him come home like I know he really wants to for a little R&R… Just to finally be able to see him hold him and kiss him would mean sooo much to me; but I have to be patient I know.. it just seems that at this rate his enlistment will be over by the time that I am finally going to be able to see him… So I remind myself as I do countless times a day:

“Love is patient, Love is kind.. Love never ends…”

I’ll live…. It’s just the constant waiting that has claimed my life for the time being…. I know I will live; but it just doesn’t seem to get any easier…

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