Figuring my “ish” out…


So I still want to go back… I have tried and tried to get the Marine Corps Recruiters to work with me and it have been an uphill battle the whole way… What I fear is that even if I can get my waivers and all that they will try to stick me with a shitty job… Honestly; just for the title is that really worth it?

No matter what branch I join I will still get the same pay, benefits, and GI bill… so why no try to figure out an alternative plan incase the marines try to screw me as they are so known for… Yes I still want it… Desperately…. but I can’t compromise too much for a title… It goes against my nature.

I am doing okay in school still… been having a hard time doing my homework with my life so busy with work and I was so lonely for a time… now I think I might be stepping into something a bit more appropriate for my situation… While I wish life could be easier it could work… (I hope.)

Anyways; So I am going to talk to the other recruiters after their holiday weekend… not just the marines but teh navy Air Force and Army… I honestly never gave them the time of day before… and I really think I should give them a chance… hear what they have to say, and decide that way…

Either way I cannot afford school the way that I am doing it… I am already in debt up to my eyeballs and school just adds to it…. If I reenlist then I can take night classes while I am in… I think taht would be good for me…

SO here I stand… a bit older and a bit wiser staring my unknown future in the face… again…

As for news on my eyes/health/etc:

Went to the eye doctor and he looked in there and said that if he didn’t know better he would never have guessed my eye had been injured….

My legs don’t hurt anymore which is good… so that’s a plus… just got to build strength again… (another reason why another branch may be a better choice…)

My gastritis hasn’t flaired up in a while… and I haven’t been very careful at all… I just don’t drink as much… oh well…

All the other stuff was pretty superficial as well.. so I just need me a physical and that is good…

oh yeah and some dental work (not so good…)


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