Post Autumn War Update


I know I’ve been offline for a while… my excuses are finals at school and now I have also moved out of Sven and Anne’s trailer.

Finals was crazy, but I managed to survive quite well. I’m pretty sure that U got two A’s and a B, but I don’t really know for sure if those are my grades… but I am pretty sure I did good…

I lost touch with Allen, but I am not heartbroken – he didn’t really mesh well with my life… oh well… it was never too serious anyways… I’ve yet to see if we will continue to be friends but I have my  doubts… you know?

So I went to Autumn War.. it was nice and relaxing… I had fun hanging out with a good number of my North Sound friends… Clinton is starting an early period Celtic household and I am extremely proud of all of them… they are really shining already…

On another note, I was officially taken on as Sven’s first apprentice which was quite the honor.. so now to get even more serious about things again…

When I got home I actually managed a few days of rest and relaxation… only interrupted by work, it was nice… I probably should have updated, but we’ll just call it a vacation… haha…

I also met someone really great… his name is Dave. He just moved over here from Spokane and got out of the Air Force in  May… He’s seen a lot of ucky stuff over there in the sandbox. The more we get to know each other the more we seem to be compatible… However, I am almost convinced that he has been hurt even worse than I have… so we are both tentative to say anything too drastic. But there is a definite attraction there. So we are dating and taking our sweet time… it’s going beautiful really, he treats me wonderfully and I can see the honesty within.

As for my new place to live… Mom helped Jeremy (my brother) and I get a nice duplex near Sven and Anne’s house, so it’s not too bad of a move. It’s nice having my own space and whatnot… so That’s nice… I just hope I can manage to stick around in one place for a while…


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