Here’s a quickie…


So here’s a quick update (As I need to get all of my homework finished by Autumn War… Summer Quarter is almost over.. I am hoping I make honor roll for the first time since high school. (I did get my diploma with “High Honors” Just so you know…) I don’t know if I Will be able to pull A’s out of all three of my classes, but I should be able to pull them out of my Math and Computers Classes hopefully… At least it is a start right???

Other than that my life has been centered around work and homework… no time even for another date with Allen… but then again it’s not like we are really a couple anyways… So yeah… That’s where it stands so far…

I have been taking the time to start reading for personal enjoyment again as well… I borrowed a great book from the public library called “What Southern Women Know (That Every Woman Should)” it’s really got some great advice for putting on the “Southern charm” I am hoping to soften my hard edges some and become more ladylike… and this one’s a good reference point… I know that when I was in all the fancy rich hospitals and medical centers throughout the southwest while I was at boot there was a definite charm to the women there that I could really take to. Everyone was so nice; even if they were only meeting me for a second… I guess that is just a little piece of that southern hospitality…

Well, I am going to let you go, Keep checking back for more!!!

P.S. To those concerned Moses is well. I got him a 3 foot long “bully” stick and he’d been happy as a clam gnawing away at that when he is not licking my feet…


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