Focusing on Photography


So I have started school now… I am going to Pierce College to Get a Associates in Business (DTA) so that I can transfer on to Pacific Lutheran University or University of Washington for a double-major in Business and Scandinavian Studies.

So I have been mostly focused on all of that… but I have managed to get some pictures done. I have decided to make an honest to goodness effort in getting my photography to the level that I can justify buying a Digital SLR body (probably used for now) and get going on some paying jobs as an interest seems to be building for that within the music communities that I belong to…

There has been a horrible heat wave here as well.. it’s practically appalling… sure a lot of people in the country laugh at 103 being no big deal… but here in Seattle it’s record heat. We are used to it being in the 60’s and 70’s this time of year (which I very much enjoy) not the triple digits…

So that is basically it for now. In two weeks I will be officially taken on as an apprentice for Viking age Arts and Sciences; so look forward to some fun projects coming up!!!


About KD Williams

Kára Agnarsdóttir (aka Kirstina D. Williams) hails from Seattle, WA. She is very passionate about a number of topics including archaeology, costuming, spinning, nålbinding, knitting, crochet, travel, history, and photography. She has been a member of the Glamfolk since 2002 and is currently in school working towards bachelor's degrees in both Scandinavian Studies and Anthropology.

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