Might be eligable for the corps still…


Went in and visited my old recruiter today… SSgt Spencer was the only one in… He said he’d look onto my reenlistment status and they might be able to help me out with the waivers that I would need to rejoin..

I still feel like I am missing something and I am pretty sure that is it… Maybe not being active duty so much as just the need for the title of marine you know?

I remember when the Huntington beach office told me I am just straight ineligible… Then I went to the navy and they said all I need is a waiver…. So maybe reserves? I still got a lot of healing and whatnot to decide with… But just that they are willing to to all the way up to the commandant If they have to means the world….

Either way I want to spend the next year getting more fit and starting a strong yoga regimen at least once a day…. That would be good for me if nothing else…

I start a job today– it is contractual temp work but they are considering me for a crew lead role…. I start in a few hours (at 2am) and can’t sleep although I am tired…


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