Monthly Archives: November 2008

Back at Jenny Craig again….


So I haven’t been updating line I should have been lately….

That job I started was deplorable; they broke every labor law I can think of… so I left after the first day… Screw them.. I have too much self-respect for that…. (it’s a long story but I am over it already)

As soon as I notified the company that it wasn’t going to work out I go t calls for two interviews… (Seriously within two hours) One was a casual meet and greet thing up in Lynnwood, WA for Jenny Craig and the other was for Comcast in Puyallup… Still haven’t heard about the Comcast Job; and it is technically a better job; but we’ll see if that pulls through.

I did get hired back on with Jenny Craig however… so no I am not unemployed… which is wonderful… because I am sick of being a bum… so that works out for me quite well…

I finished that green blanket I was knitting for Roberta.. it is not a nice as I would have liked but I would have liked it to be a little better… oh well, next time… it is still nice… now I have started a scarf for Atli… I am happy about that.. and I finally have a Ravelry account… so I can post my projects on there which is awesome…

Roberta- We still need to meet up for coffee sometime.. but I am working out of Lynnwood so we will have to figure something out that works with both of our schedules… My Boss said that I should have most Fridays off… so maybe then??? I miss you!


Might be eligable for the corps still…


Went in and visited my old recruiter today… SSgt Spencer was the only one in… He said he’d look onto my reenlistment status and they might be able to help me out with the waivers that I would need to rejoin..

I still feel like I am missing something and I am pretty sure that is it… Maybe not being active duty so much as just the need for the title of marine you know?

I remember when the Huntington beach office told me I am just straight ineligible… Then I went to the navy and they said all I need is a waiver…. So maybe reserves? I still got a lot of healing and whatnot to decide with… But just that they are willing to to all the way up to the commandant If they have to means the world….

Either way I want to spend the next year getting more fit and starting a strong yoga regimen at least once a day…. That would be good for me if nothing else…

I start a job today– it is contractual temp work but they are considering me for a crew lead role…. I start in a few hours (at 2am) and can’t sleep although I am tired…



I am so fed up with everyone thinking that they know what is good for me… Now Jeremy is stepping in and telling me I have bad taste in those that I associate with… Since I met those that I now call my family, I have not been left in need for anything… And yet somehow they are bad for me?

And then we have the circus that I am legally bound to… I love them as I am required… But I cannot deal with them much longer… Yes they do what they can for me but it seems that it is only when they may benefit from it somehow….

It is affecting my relationship (or lack there of which I should make a point of mentioning here) with John… Yes we aren’t anything official… But there are emotions and experiences that come into play…

I love John. That is that… A large part of why I left was that I thought he was going to marry the girl he was with and I couldn’t bear the idea of watching it and I honestly just want him happy….

I swear that I am a hair shy of cutting it off from them for a while… But he told me I shouldn’t and I thing I should at least try to survive the holidays..

Going to Lynnwood tomorrow…


So I have an assessment up in Lynnwood for a job tomorrow at 2pm… It’s with comcast so it is a good job and it would be nice to get on with them you know? Problem is because I am testing on Snohomish county they will most likely put me up there which means I am going to have to find somewhere to go in that instance… I had a good job down in California that I couldn’t find a transfer for so that is all too unfortunate… But hopefully this Comcast thing will work out because I am sick of the bullshit retail hell that I was trapped in before….

Went by mom’s today an. Helped them out a little with their technology stuff… Steve got himself a toy that mom had been telling me she wanted which means that Steve is going to be on the doghouse when she finds out… Fortunately he put it away while I was there so that there wasn’t a scene…

My little sister (who I am convinced is the only person who reads this) still hasn’t found the time to see me… I know she is busy busy busy… But I miss her and I have presents for her and my future niece or nephew (the baby blanket I crocheted in California) yes… This is a bribe to get some hot chocolate or something together sometime….

Other than that no news really just wish me luck on that thing tomorrow!!!

Boeing strike is over….


Boeing is back to work.. Which means that John is now back in Everett. I am missing him more than the dog I think but Moses won’t leave my side which makes me think he can sense how bummed I am that john is gone…. I love him so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with him….

I hope that he can transfer down here sometime… And I hope that I can get a job soon so I am not so much a burden to him too…. He makes me so happy…