What if I joined the Marines Again?


Still don’t know if I can do it; but I wonder — would I have the support of the ones I love for a second go around? Would more people write me??? Would less people??? The same? Different??

If I do go I would do it the right way this time… I would work towards that 1st class PFT the first time… and then work on surpassing it while there… I would learn how to take better care of myself while I was there… I would take yoga classes and or buy the videos… I would go with a better understanding and knowledge… I would have a better chance…

I feel like I have unfinished business over there on Parris Island… I feel like I cannot be satisfied with myself until I am a marine…

People ask me If I am afraid to go to Iraq or Afghanistan… And truthfully… I am not afraid… Do I want to??? Hell no! of course not!! but if I had to go I would be able to accept it.

I’d get my bull-dyke pixie haircut again… and I’d probably go +1 tattoo… Maybe reserves… maybe active… If they waved enough of a bonus in front of me I would definitely be influenced one way or the other…

I could really do better this time I think…. but I want to know… what do you think???


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