Monthly Archives: June 2008

Yaaay Sven!!!


Finally Sven is getting the recognition he deserves… He has been put on vigil to become a laurel!!! After losing my laurel I have been so horribly stuck in a rut… but this has definitely helped to pull me out of it a bit…. I am still very sick… but I am so proud of my beloved foster-father… finally he is being recognized for his amazing talents and skills…

He should be elevated some July Coronation… I wish I could figure out a way to make it there… It’s such an epic moment in my family’s life… now I must find a way to get there… which mean that I must get money somehow…

Brad’s daughter is in town for the next two months… which means I will be meeting her in the next few days… I am kind of nervous about that…. it’s kind of like our whole relationship depends on a 9 year old’s opinion… and I just moved everything I own down here… so really I am stuck much more than I have been previously…. not that I feel trapped like I did before… I am actually finding that my life is calming down quite well…. Just gotto find a job… you know?