Monthly Archives: November 2007

Going to boot camp….


As all of my dear friends should know, I am leaving for Marine corps Boot camp on Monday, which means I get dropped off at my recruiter’s office at 6pm Sunday night….

It’s gonna be a whole new life from now on… I’m kinda nervous… but it will be okay… I’ll make it, even if they put me in Physical Conditioning Platoon (PCP – AKA Pork Chop Platoon) which means boot camp will last longer…

I’ll be sending my address to everyone as soon as I can, but I am also going to be a very busy girl, so if you get my address, pass it on!!! I am going to be needing every letter that I can get!!! It doesn’t have to be long…. but I’ll take any letters I can get!!!

Here’s wishing me good luck!!!