Monthly Archives: October 2007

Why Killer B???


Okay so I have a lot of nicknames… but Killer B is the one that makes me smile the most lately… that’s because Dick Dale (my hero) gave me that one… well really it’s “Killer Bitch” but it soon was shortened… That’s my story and I am sticking to it!!!


While one the nicknames front… Here’s a few others I am/have been known by that may make you laugh (Or even bring back memories) hehe Leave me a comment if I missed one!

KD — My Initials… My real name is Kirstina D. Williams hehe… I like KD better

Kara — My SCA (Viking/middle ages) name… yup yup…

The Real KD — a Tribute to Kevin Day of Top Heavy Crush… because he’s ‘the other KD’ haha!

KD Darlin — Hot Rod Heidi’s nickname she gave me for the Hot Rod-A-Rama pinup contest earlier this summer… it actually stuck with a few gentlemen I will call my ‘fans’ (only 2 people haha)

Loonie Nipples — Billy Hopeless (from The Black Halos) Made up some bullshit about one of my friends (Who has not seen me naked) saying my nipples were the size of Canadian loonies … Joke’s on you Billy… My nipples are perfect and you will never know!

KD Belle — Something only my mom and Dad get away with calling me….

Kir-stee-nee Weenie — The reason I have gone by KD since the 4th Grade… Elementary kids can be so cruel!

Kitty/Kitten — a pet name from a few of my exes… I guess I am cat like?

Pixie Ears — A nickname my stinky pig brother gave me as a kid that I now kinda like… haha

Kate — Something my brother and dad always called me… even though my real name is Kirstina… *shrug* I like it.

Wet Willi — The nickname Gunny Miller gave me when I was in JROTC at Wilson.

Rocker Girl, Rock-n-Roll Girl, Guitar Girl, Tacoma Guitar Girl, Warmoth Guitar Girl, Seattle Guitar Girl, Cute Guitar Girl, etc. — a series of nicknames given to me by my drunk rocker buddies to explain which girl across the bar they are referring to when talking to someone who doesn not know me…. haha… I don’t mind….