Monthly Archives: January 2007



So I got this gift card that is supposed to work anywhere but doesn’t…. anyways… I found out it works at Amazon… so guess what??? I’m getting all three On Any Sunday movies and all three Endless Summer movies!!! Bruce Brown Rocks!!! hehe

Can’t wait to get them so I can have a Bruce Brown Movie fest! I haven’t even seen any of them since I watched them with my Dad when I was a kid!!!

So who’s gonna come & watch Bruce Brown movies with me???


new years… Again…


So this year I resolve to:

~Start working out.
~Eat junk food less.
~Learn to cook.
~Start working on my Guitars again.
~Start keeping house better.

Think I can do it??? We will see… all I know is I am turning into a fat pig if I don’t do something soon!!!