Once upon a time…


Once upon a time… in a land not too far away there lived a fair maiden who liked to dress up like a viking some weekends, and go to rock shows on other weekends… Now this maiden met a lord who also liked to play dress up some weekends and said that he liked rock shows too… so they decided to start courting….

lo and behold the lord lived a 2 hour mechanical chariots ride away and the mechanical chariot ate money as fuel making visits very expensive… but they still traveled across the lands to see each other…

Now it seemed all was going well… they got along splendidly… until – the maiden wanted to see The Jet City Fix at a lovely little hole in the wall called Hells Kitchen… and she discovered that the lovely lord she had been enjoying so long couldn’t hang at a Small rock show….. So they went their separate ways….

Now refreshingly released from her doomed relation; she traveled in he mechanical chariot not nearly so far to a nice gentleman of sorts who didn’t like to play dress up but did like rock shows… they had tried courting but found that being friends was much more beneficial…

The gentleman was relieved at the lady’s sudden freedom and proposed a friendly celebration at the tavern called Goldfish… sand so they walked to the tavern called goldfish and proceeded to get trashed…

The end.

Well, that was the story of my weekend…. how’s it going for you?


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