Time flys when you have none….


So I have been pathetically busy working 7 days a week.. It is Easter today… which I don’t honestly give a care about as I am neither Christian or a Bunny Lover…. but that does practically guarantee me more chocolate from my mommy (who strangely enough I can manage to get along with okay now…) so that is a plus. When I have kids though… I expect to go all out with Easter egg hunts and everything… so that is happy.

Speaking of kids… I have known for some time that I cannot see my life as anything close to fulfilled until I have some spawnlings of my own (although I will not be having them out of wedlock as I really want to try for that ideal nuclear family concept as much as possible. A whole bunch of ideas and concepts have come rushing in and out of my mind as to what I want to do with my life…

So as you all know I work for Warmoth Guitar Parts Inc. which elates me. I have never found such joy in a job… ever… and I know that building and repairs is what I want to do with my life (besides that whole nuclear family thing that I just mentioned)

While I was hired to work in the finishing shop; they revised some methods up in the shop and found that they didn’t really need me there… which is fine by me so long as I am working on guitars… ANYWAYS… I’ve been kinda playing the role of shop bitch moving from section to section and task to task doing whatever was needed whenever it was needed… anyways the Fret Crew kept claiming me in the evenings and then just kind of absorbed me about two and a half weeks ago.. which is great.. I really like the guys on fret crew.. we get along, crack jokes, and all that fun stuff. They are cool about my ‘production levels’ too they realize that I try to go as fast as I can without sacrificing quality… so they don’t really ever have to tell me to speed up (Unlike when I was in finishing and my best was horrible and I would get fired if I didn’t speed up… that is not really a great motivator ya know?) So anyways, I have been there and doing a great job according to Rob… The only problem is I still am always late… I don’t quite get it… *sigh* I hope that that isn’t my downfall… Rob is begging the boss man for me to be officially on Fret crew Full time… *Crosses fingers* I hope that would work out…

So the other guy on fret crew is Jason… and he went to Summit Luthier’s School on Vancouver Is. (Canada) he put the idea in my head that I should consider going to Luther’s school… he gave me a few schools to look up and I went so far as to research every school I could possibly find… and I have decided I really like the ideas of going to Summit for a year, (Which would also include an internship for a month in Sweden…. very valuable on a resume) and also there is another school in Michigan… which has a six month master’s program which also spends time focusing on the business aspects of building… The cost for it is appx. $17,500 plus living expenses (Housing is free) and Summit (1 yr.) is close to $33,000 plus living expenses (Housing is free again) So I think I really want to do it… I would prefer Summit due to it’s location should something happen ’round here… and the internship, but $ is an issue as well… As for Michigan, It’s appealing as well… costs less, and I could use the lessons on the business ends of it all as well… I told my mom and she freaked out… she was saying shit like an Ivy league education would cost less (which is BS) but I really want to do it… so it’s a matter of student loans… But first I wait… I want to see how Warmoth pans out and stay there for a year or so if I can… yeah…

In the realm of my personal life.. I have managed to stay single (which is good) I still miss Mikol is a pathetic sort of way… I managed to stay with him a year and a half… but at the same time I am thinking I was just a game to him… He text messaged me a ways back… acting concerned at first… asking if I was okay (Because I hadn’t talked to him since shortly after valentines day appx. a month and a half) I told him I was fine… which was a lie… One of the first lies I ever fed him… Why do the good honest people have to be the ones who get hurt like this… He started typing like a gangster and said his new shop was working out okay then got all moody all of a sudden and never replied…. Of course this all sent me into an emotional tailspin… go figure

In the two or so weeks prior I had been spending a good amount of time with Andy (Ty’s roommate) and kinda started crushing on him… and as far as I was aware it was mutual… but he knew that I was working on getting over Mikol too… it’s kinda sad, one night he looked at me (We were watching a movie at his house in his room) and said “You still love him.” It was quite somber… I don’t like somber… I don’t like having people point out my broken heart… Some days I wonder if it will ever get better… but anyways… Mikol’s messaging escapade was just the catalyst I needed to start moving on… and It appears to be working… but I will be staying single for a while at least… I don’t need to have all the drama that running to some poor nice guy can cause… problem is I like Andy… I had a crush on him when I met him and when I started hanging out with him it started coming back quite promptly… Yes he has some disgusting habits I don’t know if I could live with… but our personalities mesh so well in some ways it is practically disgusting… but sweet an fun at the same time…

So when I found out Queensryche is going to be playing Operation Mindcrime 1 & 2 at the Moore in Oct. I asked him if he wanted to go with me… at the time he said yes… but then as April hit he stopped returning my calls… I bought two tickets for the show and am awaiting whether he just forgot to pay his bill or is ignoring me before I find someone else to go with me… (After all it’s in Oct. so I have some time you know?) *Sigh* he still hasn’t called back though.. so yeah… I’m thinking I should give up on calling him too… I don’t need to get mixed up in those emotions anyways… he was right anyways… as much as I wish I didn’t I still love Mikol.

Loving Mikol doesn’t change anything though… I won’t go back… I want someone who will bother showing up to my life events (Like my birthday) someone who is willing to go out and meet my friends… someone who will go to an event with me just once to try it out before they deem it unworthy… if for no there reason but to show they care. I can’t deny that a I really enjoy being with artists and Musicians it’s just how I am… Like I could never be with some hip-hop gangster thug or something…. It’s just important to me… cant explain it. I just can’t seem to be happy without someone being the creative type you know? Or at least have an extremely strong appreciation for it…

Well I think that is enough for now… I do need to jump in the shower and make sure I am ready to go see my mommy today as It is the only day I have off until the weekend of my birthday and her birthday is tomorrow… so I have a big bag full of presents for her… Some sewing books she can really use, a Dog owners manual (As she is getting a new labradoodle puppy in a week or so) a dog toy, a dog treat (wrapped in 20 or so layers of wrapping paper of course), a nice Vera Bradley purse that will fit her laptop, a Yankee Candle and a cute bar of soap that matched the bag so cute that I had to get it for her… So yeah.. I am a good daughter.

Well I will stop wasting your time (Assuming anyone besides Billy is reading this) Love ya Billy!!!


About KD Williams

Kára Agnarsdóttir (aka Kirstina D. Williams) hails from Seattle, WA. She is very passionate about a number of topics including archaeology, costuming, spinning, nålbinding, knitting, crochet, travel, history, and photography. She has been a member of the Glamfolk since 2002 and is currently in school working towards bachelor's degrees in both Scandinavian Studies and Anthropology.

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