Monthly Archives: May 2003

Falling Angels


Around her the angels tend to fall down
She lives in a hurt she can’t seem to bear
A vale of tears falls around her
there’s puddles everywhere
she stares straight ahead
afraid of falling down again
she hides all her cares.

She knows she is different
not quite like anyone around.
remembering things that seem unclear,
she questions all that she is taught.

Breathing keeps getting harder
drowning in the pain within
no one knows why she is hiding
or when she’ll finally break down.

Even memories are unreal to her
as the angels keep falling down
she thinks she’s not worthy of pleasure
knows no other feeling but pain.

Her heart grows heavier
with every new tear stain
the angels keep falling down
leaving her alone and behind.

Wishing for freedom she holds on
but also hoping for an end.