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This Tragedy [Guitar Chords incl.]

I'm Evil
I'm a theif
I took all you gave me 
      C                D
and threw it in the street

Turned my back
A          G             Em
saying you never gave me enough.

D       A       G        Em
It took tragedy and some tears
D  A        G       C       A
to bring me back to my true light
D  G     D   G   D  C
to bring me back to you. 

I'm saved
but still a failure 
G                         C
as I still turn away from you
 D  A        G       A  D  A
You still forgive me as always
 D   A    D    A  G            Em   C
You still pick me up whenever I'm down
 D  A      D   G     C
You still give me everything.

D         A            G
I'm sorry it takes a tragedy
D   A          G     Em  A
To turn this tragedy around...

I do not remember the tune anymore, or the speed. in fact I forgot I ever wrote this one. But looking back I remember sitting in my room trying to perfect it… not for anyone to ever hear but God. (Note made in April 2010)

13 April 2002


Go figure,
the world is killin’ itself now.
Kids huntin’ kids down
because of a preppy image.
Can’t they see the image don’t matter anyhow?
You’re killing yourself in the end now
15 dead, more left bleeding.
Your bullets are killing the ones you love as well.
Couldn’t you see
the troubles that would come to be?
Now your already hurting kind
suffers from the pains you’ve caused.
Don’t you see America Crying?
It’s been years since the blood was shed
A new generation borne of a past one’s tears
Parents now worry of sending kids to school
after all even safe places aren’t safe
and “no guns” signs mean nothing.
Still your generation weeps as it moves on into the world
don’t you know you killed their spirits?
We’re still bleeding as our scars will never heal
with all the pain you’ve caused
Will we ever be able to deal
while everyone screams get over it
I know I cannot; knowing that
you killed them for the image.
While it will never really matter
the image matters anyhow
you killed yourself in the end anyways
Over 15 dead and millions left bleeding
you left America Crying
crying over Columbine.