Monthly Archives: March 2002

These small words


I wish I could find some words
any words
which could tell you how,
I wish I could tell you now,
If you only could see through my eyes,
feel through my heart,
and maybe you would see,
the love held within for you.
I didn’t think it possible, but I love you.
Never even dreamt it,
until it happened, I love you.
I doubt I’ll ever find the words,
to explain how I feel,
I just know that,
I love you.
They’re the only words I have
the only ones I can give
the only ones I can see
are the right ones to tell you
how I feel.
So hold on to
and please accept
these small words I give to you
I love you.


Take me Hold me


I miss you
when you aren’t around
my love
please take me
to that place
that special place inside
I imagine you’re holding me
I dream of you holding me
kissing me
making a bad day turn to an awesome night
making painful tears disappear
hold me up now
I’m afraid to fall
hold me up now
I’m afraid of it all
hold me up
and protect me
come and take me
I’m yours anyways
take me
hold me
love me.

Take me Away


You say “I wish I could take you away from all your pain.”
I say “don’t bother”
I’m lying.
Take me away from it,
I hate living in all the hurt ,
I hate making you hurt from hearing my woes,
Angel, just hold me
Dove, just love me
just make it all disappear
like it all does when you are near
be near me,
make it disappear,
when you want to take me away,
ignore it when I say don’t bother
and take me away.

Be Near Me


Don’t go, don’t leave,
your love is all I need,
Dearest angel, Dearest friend,
be near me my love,
I miss you dearly,
I miss you clearly,
I miss you my love.
Hold me love,
hold me close my dear,
lift me up and set my soul a soar,
spin me around so I may see only you,
dearest love, dearest heart,
fool me not into falsehood,
if you should, I shall break,
Dearest love,
fool me not,
whereas hurt may come,
come from tricks
cruel tricks you may lay upon me.
Be kind with my heart,
for after all it is yours.
Would you break your own?
Would you hurt yourself?
Then do this not to me.
Hurt me not my love.

Close though the distance


The distance between us,
it means nothing much.
our hearts are together,
are they not?
While it is your touch I long for,
your kiss to taste,
it is our hearts that are close,
our souls near each other.
Some sob when they cannot see each other,
I do not for we are close,
our hearts together,
although physically absent from each other.

A Fine Treasure


Your eyes so elegant,
Your heart golden,
You are a fine treasure,
but forced to choose,
between you and another.
I was confused,
and could not choose,
did not know what to say,
could not choose, and
forced to extremes,
I choose you my love,
I choose your love,
be my love will you not?
Love me love?
take my love?
and I shall give it all for you.

Will you not be my love?