Monthly Archives: February 2002

Queen of Fury


Can’t breathe, can’t see…
living in a way I don’t want to be,
surrounded by a queen of fury,
trapped withing her ever-tightening vice grip.

Hating what I am,
hating the way I want to be,
she cannot stand to see what I see.

My tears don’t matter,
my tears don’t matter,
my sorrow means nothing, my anger is unknown,
and her naivete is killing us all.

I can see the future coming now,
abandonment is not far away,
I won’t hide in the masses,
or fade away at all…

I keep running harder,
from the Queen of Fury,
there is no excape,
to even try is futile.

Although a new life tickles at my nose
I am forced to hide in a dark hole.