Hateful B*****s


Why can’t she understand
that I’m different than she thinks
Why can’t she see
that being preppy just isn’t me?

I do not want to look or act
like a bitchy and hateful whore
I do not judge people as evil
if they wear an outfit that is black
I do not understand why they do.

Endless hateful glances too
bitches whining
“I hate you.
I hate the way you comb your hair
I cannot take you anywhere
Your clothes do not match the time or season
to hate you I need no reason.”

They hate because they are different
and yet still not unique
They hate because I have found
my own way to express myself.

She too hates me for what I am
and is disgusted by what I might be
when will she ever understand
that the only thing I really want
is the freedom of expression to be me.


About KD Williams

Kára Agnarsdóttir (aka Kirstina D. Williams) hails from Seattle, WA. She is very passionate about a number of topics including archaeology, costuming, spinning, nålbinding, knitting, crochet, travel, history, and photography. She has been a member of the Glamfolk since 2002 and is currently in school working towards bachelor's degrees in both Scandinavian Studies and Anthropology.

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