Monthly Archives: January 2002

Hateful B*****s


Why can’t she understand
that I’m different than she thinks
Why can’t she see
that being preppy just isn’t me?

I do not want to look or act
like a bitchy and hateful whore
I do not judge people as evil
if they wear an outfit that is black
I do not understand why they do.

Endless hateful glances too
bitches whining
“I hate you.
I hate the way you comb your hair
I cannot take you anywhere
Your clothes do not match the time or season
to hate you I need no reason.”

They hate because they are different
and yet still not unique
They hate because I have found
my own way to express myself.

She too hates me for what I am
and is disgusted by what I might be
when will she ever understand
that the only thing I really want
is the freedom of expression to be me.

Now that it’s over…


What should I do?
I don’t just want to give up.
but the pain won’t stop
and it’s killing me.

He left me
for another girl
she must be special
so very special.

I don’t think I can make you happy
and all I want is to see you happy
I hope that she makes you happy
because I couldn’t on my own.

Will you ever understand
you’re just so special,
so very special…
I doubt you’ll ever understand.

You had your reasons
they didn’t really make a difference
I still cried myself to sleep
I wonder if what you said was true
I’ll never know, but I still love you.

My heart still breaks for you
with every tear that I shed
I still mourn the loss of your love
yet thanking god you’re not dead.

I wish you would still embrace me
and hold me as your own
but it’s over
and all that is left is a confused friendship.

Will will probably grow
and become close again
but not in that same special way
at least not today.

Will you ever look at me again
will you ever conceive of an ‘us’ again
will you ever see we might have potential
do we just have to grow up again?

I doubt I’ll ever know
but I’ll never forget that glow
that I saw in your eyes
that one special night
when you told me it was alright.