Monthly Archives: November 2001

Plague of Fear


Why do I entwine myself in dreams about you?
What is the reason that I cry longing of your love?
Why do I love you?
Why have I loved you so long?
I have so many questions,
even I don’t know them all,
Nor can I find  the strength
to begin asking any of them.
I have shed so many tears,
lost so many dreams
hurt so many hurts
and hoped with an endless fidelity.
Dearest Angel,
I am terrified to ask,
beyond any other fears,
not afraid of an answer,
but of no answer,
afraid you’d just frown
and walk away…
I just want to know,
It’s all I wanted so long,
but what if you do answer?
would it send me into a spiral
of wanting,
of needing,

Finding the words to say…


You’re such a huge part of my life my love
Nearly an entire quarter of it I’ve loved you!
And still today, Just as the first,
I cannot seem to find, any words,
and words to express, to say,
or any possible way,
to let you know my love
so take it as I have it, believe it be true,
dearest love, I love you.