Monthly Archives: October 2001



For a while I wondered why I came…
I wondered what my purpose really was…
and now I know…
although it hurts me so…
I am there for them…
the ones longing for a night of freedom
freedom from the shekels of what binds them…
Lord I am there so that those kids can stop hurting if only for a moment.
I’m there to put a face to the name,
I am there to make an Impact.

I wrote this about being a Youth leader at a large scale outreach to middle schoolers called “Impact.”
Thus the title of this poem. That time helped me to grow out of my sheltered world and see that I really was not alone.

Can it be?


There is something odd happening
the things are changing between us
when I look across that red sea
your eyes are sparkling back at me.

Sometimes you brush us so close to me
I wonder ‘is this too good to be?’
it’s been years of having you on my mind
unbeknown some things are changing.

What is this between us
You’re my best friend
who I love
Can it be you’re returning it all now
is this your love?

You’re the best friend that I’ve found
You changed the way I see things
a hundred times
And still you make me rhyme
Could this be my love’s delusions,
or are you giving some back?

Changing me for you.


There is no greater truth,
than that of your word,
No greater love
than the love that is yours lord.

You have given me the strength,
You have given me the power,
You have given me the love,
You have given me my all,
So I may give it all back to you.

You changed the way I see,
You changed the way I feel,
You changed the way I perceive,
You changed the way I believe,
So I may change how I am for you.

You’ve shown me how to live,
You’ve shown me how to love,
You’ve shown me how they are,
You’ve shown me how to be,
So I can show others you.

To hide in your arms…


I don’t want to be alone anymore
I’m so tired from the cold
I wish you would come to me again
as you did before.
Would you come back again?
I know you’d stand by my side,
Would you allow me to hide in your arms
Could you love me again?
I know you know I love you still
But could you ever want me back?

I want to hide in your arms love
I want to hide from it all
Please let me hide in your arms
Oh I want to have you so near me
I miss you so love…
Could you ever miss me?
I know I have hurt you
so many endless times
for that I humbly beg forgiveness
My friend, My love,
Could I ever have you again?
Oh my dear love
I just want to hide in your arms…
Would you let me hide in your arms?