Monthly Archives: September 2001



I fear the future.
as I fear the darkness of the past,
If you go, I doubt my will will lead me on.
I have lost so many… unable to mourn a loss
I want to hide away
fearing potential loss…
painful tears burn down…
as I begin to finally drown…
while I continuously fall down. Again.
When will they learn to be silent?
Or let the tears fall down.
When will they learn to let the pain go away,
When will they learn to look past today.
May I please hide away?
Safe in your arms…
crying freely. ever safe from harm
just please don’t leave me… again.


Make me yours.


Beating through a dark path
attempting to reach th light
I want to see the future unfold
in a glorious song of worship
a loud song of praise
I want to see lives change for the better
and turn towards your way
I want battles overcome so I can
follow you all of my days…

Words will never express
what I see now
Will I ever see the sign?
Did you take this heart of mine?
Did I ask for your way every day?
Oh father please change me
Make me yours.

Anything for you.


Can this be love?
this be the same thing they’re singing of?
I don’t know.
but I’ve known since I met you
that you’re special
I’ve felt this way from the beginning
It has yet yo subside
and it’s ever growing
Every time I pass by your home,
Every time I pass by your work,
I always look for you.
You’re the best friend I’ve ever had…
And so much more…
And yet so little.
But I wonder,
Can this be love?
I don’t know…
If it is my friend,
I want you to know,
I would do anything,
climb any mountain
sail across any ocean
or run any race
to make you feel my love…
If you were no longer here,
I would lose myself in sorrow,
If I could show you in some way
How exactly I feel
If tomorrow never comes for me,
My friend,
I want to leave no doubts of how I feel
For you are the one I love…
And yes dear I now know…
I now know  the answer to my question…
Yes it’s true,
I do love you.

Feel my love.


I long for you
for our next walk
because I can be near
nearer to you
I want to look into your eyes
those blue eyes with the brown center
I want to kiss you again
have your tender lips touching mine
and I want to hold you close
as never possible before.
I want to kiss you again
love, I dream of holding you near
and having your lips pressing against
I want to kiss you
with the fire that has been burning
within for so long
because I want you to feel my love.

Lonely Girl


She’s hiding out of nowhere,
like a bird in a cage,
trapped in tears forever,
trying to find her way,
and dreaming of the day when nothing’s wrong.

Late at night I see her,
just inside her window,
longing for the future,
hiding from the past,
and dreaming of the day when nothing’s wrong.

No one seems to see her,
although she’s not that far away,
that desperate girl I see her,
just behind her curtains,
and dreaming of the day when nothing’s wrong.

One day I did not see her,
as I always did,
crying by her window,
looking out at freedom,
and dreaming of the day when nothing’s wrong.

I no longer see her,
I wonder where she’s gone,
that desperate girl I loved her,
always crying inside her window,
and dreaming if the day when nothing’s wrong…