Monthly Archives: August 2001

Catch Me.


I am terrified to look into your eyes
into that deep blue sea
so unfamiliar, so intense, so mysterious
I am afraid that I might get lost
I don’t want to lose myself
not yet, not now, not here
I’m afraid that you’ll stare right back
I don’t want to melt
well maybe I do, but the question is
Will you catch me?

Four Corners

I am saved
yet I hurt
I am forgiven
yet still shameful
Yet unskilled.
It’s a
a sad
Nothing good
Nothing at all
Nothing said
Nothing Done
Yet people die
and no one
sees these
broken nothings.
Tears fall
pain begins
and fails to
end, More
comes, More pain
More Sorrow.

Nightmares, nightmares everywhere…
They are stealing my joy…

Morning’s Tear


I used to know life with no fear
singing, playing, so happy,
never a reason to hide.
I was so innocent
as many would say
you have no idea how much I’d pay
to have that true again today
but when morning would come
I’d always wipe it away
this common prelude to another day
I don’t know why it was there
or why it still remains
this tear unshed
it refuses to leave
and I don’t know
there’s a reason to it all
in the end
maybe the answer lives inside
and maybe I’ll find it
in the end…
just maybe I’ll find the reasons
for all these tears in the end…



I’m a screwup.
That’s what I’ve always been
That’s what I’ll always be
A screwup
Just another problem
A nuisance to everyone else
A thing no one likes to see.

I wish I could end it all
I hate being like me
I wish I could change it
I screwed it all up again!
I screwed it all up again!

I’m sorry I can’t really help it
I’ve screwed up again
I’m a dummy
It’s all my fault
I screwed up again.

‘Cuz I’m all screwed up!
I’m all screwed up!
I can’t really change it,
I screwed things all up again,
I screwed it all up again,
I’m sorry I screwed it all up again!



I’ve had bad luck
in my dreams
I’ve had bad luck
so it seems
I’ve had good luck
‘cuz I met you
I’ve had great luck
‘cuz you’re my best
Is there luck in this world?
I don’t know…
I think there is
because I love you
I think there isn’t
‘cuz I’ve lost a lot
My dreams turn to tears
My tears turn to rain
All I can do
Is stand up
and try again.

My Dream…


He stands tall
his shoulders broad
and smile bright
smiling at me
through the night
oh how I wish
that he were real
and his heartbeat
that I might feel.
He looks at me
with intense blue eyes
more and more
I wish to hide
away in his arms
from this world
from this pain
from reality
and slip into
happy dreams
be in friendly places
and see many things.
but until then,
this is my dream
I will keep it
and continue to dream…

Dedicated to my dream… that he may watch me in the night and everything be alright.

Changing: We all do it…


Everything’s changing around me…
I don’t know where I’m going
The road ahead ain’t clear
My life lately it seems
Is so full of tears.
It’s kinda hard to keep moving
With so many obstacles ahead
I even at times wish I was dead
My life is really going two ways at once
and I’m confused on which way to turn
I don’t know how it’s gonna be tomorrow,
nor do I care…